This week on Cutting the Curd, host Greg Blais and guest co-host Anne Saxelby begin a series talking about cheese and art - how cheese tends to intersect across all platforms. This week in particular, tune in to hear guests Soyoung Scanlan of Andante Dairy and Andy Hatch of Uplands Cheese Company talk about their experiences with cheese and music. Soyoung kicks off the conversation sharing how she has been inspired to combine her love of music to create a unique, multi-sensory experience with her cheese. Andy adds to the conversation, explaining that his approach to making cheese is very similar to making music considering the dedication and repetition required to be great at both. Both guests concur that depending on the time of day and the manner in which they are making cheese influences the styles of music they play. After the break, the group delves into the importance of sound in the cheese making process. This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.



"As a career changer I've [now] combined everything I love." [11:00]

"When I was making cheese, I was listening to Chopin's 'Nocturne' all the time." [15:15]

--Soyoung Scanlan on Cutting the Curd

"Practicing music and making cheese days after day requires dedication to repetition." [19:00]

--Andy Hatch on Cutting the Curd