This week on Food Talk with Michael Colameco, host Mike Colameco first welcomes Steve Train, Maine Lobster Fisherman and Captain of the Wild Irish Rose and Ben Pollinger, Executive Chef at Oceana. Talking about Steve's family history as fisherman, he reveals that his family has been in the business for many years. He goes on to give Mike a glimpse of a day in the life of a lobster fisherman, including the baiting process, seasonality of lobster, and deciphering between legally fit lobsters to catch and those that are either not big enough or are proven breeders. Ben adds how Oceana uses lobster and his thoughts on the popularity of the dish and why he's exclusively used Maine lobster for years and what makes this lobster so special. In the second half of the show, Mike brings on Michelle DeFeo, CEO of Laurent-Perrier Champaign USA who kicks off the segment pointing out the differences between champaign and sparkling wine before delving into a detailed run down of the involved champaign-making process. Tune in for a great show!

"I think Maine lobster is the best on the market... I don't think Maine lobster has any competition." [17:25]

--Steve Train on Food Talk

"I've been using exclusively Maine lobster for over five and a half years now because it's got great flavor, is consistent in quality and its a fantastic product." [19:50]

--Ben Pollinger on Food Talk

"Consistency is extremely important in champaign." [47:30]

--Michelle DeFeo on Food Talk