This week on Food Talk with Michael Colameco, host Mike Colameco is celebrating perhaps the most beautiful day of the year here in Brooklyn with French wine enthusiasts! We kick off the show with guest Michael Madrigale, Head Sommelier of Bar Boulud, Épicerie Boulud and Boulud Sud. Finding a pull toward the wine cellar, eager to learn more about the vintages he was pouring, Michael shares his journey from being young, just out of college, and living in Europe to how he made his fondness for wine into an amazing career. Mike gets the guest's opinions on various French wines and much more! After the break, Mike welcomes Arnaud Tronche, Sommelier at Racines NY. While the establishment doesn't consider itself a wine bar, the wine is seemingly a main event within the "neo-bistro" restaurant. Arnaud describes the evolution of Racines NY as well as his thoughts on putting together the impressive wine list, plus even more with an in-studio tasting.



"I think the best thing, for me, about wine is to taste wine and get to know wine - it's the only thing!"

"If you have a passion for wine, go to the source."

--Michael Madrigale on Food Talk

"Just because it's organic doesn't mean that the wine is good, there are so many [bad] organic wines."

--Arnaud Tronche on Food Talk