Stacey is the founder of BKFarmyards, a coalition of experienced urban farmers dedicated to expanding food justice through agricultural production & education in Brooklyn. They manage 2 acres of farmyards spread across several farm sites and consult on new urban farm development. In addition to agricultural production, their educational agenda includes something for all ages: training programs, apprenticeships, free workshops, farm visits, and volunteer days! Stacey is leading efforts to build BK Farmyards capacity to grow lots of food and flowers in Brooklyn through the development of new urban farms and organization of community resources. As a real food advocate, she speaks to audiences of all ages about food, farming, and culture. Stacey also runs a backyard farm CSA with a Backyard Farmer Training Program. This program has been brought to you by The Heritage Meat Shop.

"In all of our training programs we really talk about community issues surrounding the land, historical issues surrounding land access, and what people can do to start partnering." -- Stacey Murphy on Greenhorn Radio