Mike Kwasniewski is in his third year of farming in his hometown of Beverly, West Virginia. Coming back home after studying philosophy at Gonzaga University and working at a couple of diary farms on the West Coast, he and his mother, Pam Kwasniewski, began The Charm Farm with an emphasis on pasture-based meat production. Headquartered on the forty acres he grew up on, the farm also includes 220 acres of river bottom farmland while another 200 is rented for cattle and hay production. Along with livestock, the farm also raises produce, fruit, field crops, potatoes and eggs. In November 2012, Mike began a whole diet CSA, with on-farm pickups every week. The farm also supplies restaurants and retail stores, as well as the local farmers market. This program is sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.


"Land is cheap and there's plenty available!" [10:50]

-- Mike Kwasniewski on Greenhorns Radio