Get fresh food from small farms delivered to your door via Quinciple! This week on Let's Eat In, Cathy Erway is joined by the co-founders of Quinciple, Markus Jacobi and Kate Galassi. Tune into this episode to hear how Markus and Kate came up with the idea for Quinciple after experiences with food delivery, foraging, and working with CSA farms. Hear why Quinciple thinks it's important to deliver food that people want to eat and cook with! Learn why Quinciple includes some recipes and suggestions for their clients. Later, Cathy asks Markus and Kate about their ideal date meal. Are pickles great for dates? Find out on this week's Let's Eat In! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market.


"That is something that we feel really strongly about. We want to offer something that someone would eat on a regular basis- not just specialty items." [9:55] -- Markus Jacobi on Let's Eat In

"I want everybody to be able to cook this amazing food even if they don't live near a farmer's market, or if they need a little bit of help." [14:40] -- Kate Galassi on Let's Eat In