How can Erica Wides afford two places to live? She doesn't drink bottled water, or any other bottled beverages for that matter. Let's Get Real is here to pull you out of that rabbit hole of foodiness, or in this case, drinkiness, that has been perpetuated by beverages that claim to make you smarter, faster, or are 'enhanced' with electrolytes and exotic flavors like 'dragonfruit'. All of this, says Wides, is BS. Tune in for a debunking of drinks such as Gatorade, Neuro, Arizona Green Tea and bottled water like Dasani (it's actually just tap water from Atlanta!), all of which waste your body's resources as well as the environment's. So before reach for that next Vitamin Water at the gas station fridge, listen up and get real about hydration. This episode is sponsored by Fairway Market.