This week on What Doesn't Kill You, Katy Keiffer is talking Meat Matters by Chefs Collaborative with guests Butcher Adam Danforth, Chef Paul Ferhlibach, and Butcher and Larder Owner Rob Levitt.  With Meat Matters coming to Chicago on November 10, such events are collaborative, educational fundraisers organized by Member chefs to celebrate – and help create demand for – good, well-raised, and appropriate portions of meat (as well as protein-rich vegetables and grains). The goal of these events is to inspire fellow chefs and the general public to use their individual and collective buying power to ‘Change Menus. Change Lives.’ Specifically delving into the topics of raising and butchering older animals, the value of older animals on the plate, as well as the need to change the current system of growing animals for food and other meaty matters, this is a conversation not to be missed!

"Goat is starting to change in its awareness as a popular ingredient. A lot of people think goat is going to be gamier than lamb or sheep but the reality is it's a milder meat." [4:30]

--Adam Danforth on What Doesn't Kill You

"It would be great if we had a system where we could raise an old dairy cow and sell her for the meat instead of any fate she might find [currently]." [29:00]

--Rob Levitt on What Doesn't Kill You