Nothing Urgent is back after celebrating Independence Day with some camping adventures and fiction by George Saunders. Derek Evers and Chris Robbins are sweating in the studios, so they call Chris Mooney to discuss climate change. Chris Mooney is a contributor to Climate Desk and Mother Jones, and is also the host of Climate Desk Live. Tune in to hear discussions regarding Republicans and their aversion to climate change. How will Obama's recent speeches regarding the environment help his popularity? Tune in to hear more about the controversies surrounding hydrofracking, and the power of the coal industries lobbyists. Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus comes by to talk about the new Titus Andronicus webstore, which includes opportunities for singing telegrams and LPs from the future. Find out why Patrick wants to monetize his skills as a singer to keep money in his pocket and provide something meaningful for Titus Andronicus fans. Hear about Patrick's upcoming film concerning the etiquette of mosh pits, and why consent is important in rock 'n' roll. Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.

"We actually have a lot of data about why people are so adverse to the idea of climate change, and it's extremely tied to being a free market libertarian, and there's also a tie to being white and male... The idea that economics can be so disastrous to the planet is really nauseating to them." [16:45]

-- Chris Mooney on Nothing Urgent

"How crazy is that we live in a time when information is free? That's what mankind has been wanting forever!" [65:00]

-- Patrick Stickles on Nothing Urgent