On this episode of Summer of Food, The LongHouse Scholars visit the studio to talk about their month long experience in Rensselaerville, New York at the LongHouse Internship Program, as they explore the Saffron Diaspora through media.

The LongHouse Internship Program is a food media laboratory designed to give six participants
an intense immersion in every aspect of food stories from writing and photography to videography and broadcast media, as well as hands-on experience in farming, cooking, building and more. Under the tutelage of of some of the leaders in the field, interns create all the content for LongHouse Food Revival. This includes writing blog posts, social media, press releases and magazine content, gathering oral histories, creating short documentary videos, producing slide shows, researching the written and spoken word as well as fine arts and interfacing with presenters to create a script.

Each intern is responsible for an individual scholarly research project and attendant field work using a specific medium (writing, film, oral history, visual art, design, etc). The group works together with mentors to edit the materials into a single multimedia presentation and a printed magazine. In addition, daily team activities include bio-dynamic farming, animal-tending, food preservation and cooking.

Undergraduates as well as graduate students and mid-career professionals are encouraged to apply. Selection is based on existing expertise and a well-established appetite for learning and well-stated career goals. Our mission is to prepare participants for careers in food media, activism, food justice, academia and writing. Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch.

“We’re using food as a bouncing off point to a larger, human story.” [17:45] — Courtney Blake of the LongHouse Scholars Program