On the first episode of Taste Matters of 2014, Mitchell Davis sits down with Liz Neumark of famous New York catering company Great Performances and Katchkie Farm. Recently, Liz debuted the new cookbook Sylvia's Table with the help of Carole Lalli. Tune in for discussions regarding the difficulty of catering using seasonal ingredients with planned menus. What has Katchkie Farm taught Liz about food production and availability? Later, Mitchell and Liz touch on the importance of cooking skills for young people, and why knowing how to prepare food is essential for eliminating diet-related disease, especially in a fast food-filled environment. Find out more regarding labor in the food industry, and why proper wages and working conditions are two of the biggest trials facing food workers in all atmospheres. This program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.


"If a young people don't know how to cook for themselves and we're asking them to change their diets and lifestyle, how do we expect them to change?" [20:35]

-- Liz Neumark on Taste Matters