Cleveland's own Chef Jonathon Sawyer is a homegrown food rockstar, and he's joining Michael Harlan Turkell on today's THE FOOD SEEN. His restaurants and ventures, The Greenhouse Tavern, Noodlecat, Brick & Mortar Pop-ups, Sawyer's Street Frites at Browns Stadium, Tavern Vinegar Co. have turned his city into more than just the location for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it's now a budding destination for cuisine in the Cuyahoga County as well. Burn on, big river, burn on. Today's program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons


"The better your cooks are, the better your bowls of pasta will be. It's elementary." [7:00]

"Carbon zero is the goal and anything we have to do to reach that goal is fair game." [20:00]

"Anywhere you would use a lime or a lemon - try using vinegar." [29:00]

-- Johnathon Sawyer on THE FOOD SEEN