This week on The Main Course, solo host Alexes McLaughlin is keeping it in the Heritage Radio Network family and welcomes Joshua David Stein to the show! Joshua is not only the host of the Joshua David Stein Variety Hour... Half Hour but is also the food critic for the New York Observer and regularly contributes to food publications across the internet. Chatting with Alexes about his life and times, he takes listeners through his evolution into food writing and his personal style when it comes to restaurant criticism. After the break, Joshua shares that he's currently working on not one but two books, a children's book and a beer and food pairing book, and gives highlights of each. Tune in for a great conversation! This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"I think you see more and more now critics talking about the environment and ambiance, that kind of thing." [11:10]

"It's become less about the every man experiences and more about the restaurant as a cultural phenomenon, which I think is great." [12:14]

--Joshua David Stein on The Main Course