This week on The Morning After, hosts Sari Kamin and Jessie Kiefer kick off a brand new show with some amazing Food News including highlights like frozen raccoon, a celebrity chef's addition of garlic to a sacred dish, and yogurt made with a woman's secret ingredient! After the break, Sari and Jessie welcome sommelier Ashley Santoro, wine director at Narcissa and The Standard, East Village. Chatting about her background and how she came up through the business, she also shares her mission to highlight American wines and promote drinking sherry, while also tells of her favorite places to grab a drink in the city. Tune in for much more and to find out how Ashley does on The Morning After Quiz! This show was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"I don't think there are any two days that are the same, which makes my job really exciting."

"I think having the goal of pleasing your guests as much as you possibly can is the most consistent thing of my job."

--Ashley Santoro on The Morning After