Nialls Fallon's bar and restaurant Maiden Lane is an homage to the history and culture of American port cities. This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock sit down with Nialls to learn about his past work at NYC staple Torrisi, and hear why he decided to open his own space. Why does Maiden Lane focus on European preserved seafood? Hear how European pickling and smoking traditions highlight the best qualities of seafood. Why has the United States only canned fish for money-saving purposes in the past? Find out how Nialls is dealing with taking over the legendary Life Café space! Later, "Bjork" caters a meal at Chardonnay's for Miley Cyrus's "art-coming-out" party! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market. Thanks to SNOWMINE for today's music.

"In America, we've always used canned seafood for thrift... In Europe, a lot of the canned seafood is the best catch from that season. They can them when they are at their freshest, and the price reflects that. But it's really a cultural difference." [15:15]

-- Nialls Fallon on The Morning After