This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and guest co-host Sari Kamin remember the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, and its effects on Red Hook, Brooklyn. After introducing the new "Do or Diet" segment, Jessie and Sari talk with Mark Snyder and Christopher Nicolson of Red Hook Winery. Hear how the recovery process helped Mark and Chris realize the importance of prevention. How much wine did Red Hook Winery lose in the storm? How did the city help small businesses rebuild in Red Hook? Later, hear from Saxelby's Cheesemongers' Anne Saxelby dealt with the flooding of her warehouse in the Brooklyn neighborhood. How was Anne able to keep her business operating while being nine months pregnant? Learn more about the recovery in Red Hook on this week's edition of The Morning After. Thanks to our sponsor, Regional Access. Music has been provided by Idgy Dean.

"We're focused on recovering and all of that, but also focused on not allowing it to happen again in the future. We're trying to figure out how we were able to come back and spread that knowledge." [19:20]

-- Mark Snyder on The Morning After