This week on Unfiltered, our host Erin Fitzpatrick is flying solo while Brian DiMarco is in Bordeaux. Erin is joined in the studio by Jeff Jenssen and Mike DeSimone, better known as the World Wine Guys. Tune in to hear Jeff and Mike talk about their new cookbook called The Fire Island Cookbook, the relevance of wine ratings, and the reason why Fire Island is so dear to them. In their cookbook, the World Wine Guys provide a wine pairing for each recipe; try their suggestions! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"It's called the Fire Island Cookbook, but it might as well be called the Martha's Vineyard Cookbook, the Malibu Cookbook, or even the Vancouver Cookbook...Fire Island is our point of reference because it's where we went for summer...It's about the spirit of communal sharing around the table. When is there time to do that? The summer." --Jeff Jenssen on Unfiltered

"We know what wine goes with the food that we cook." --Mike DeSimone on Unfiltered