On this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone and guests are talking about beer pairings and fermentation. Matt Bean of Men's Health is in the studio with some sour beers that he is pairing with a rhubarb crisp. Tune in to hear what beer fairs the best! Herbalist Claudia Keel and Claire Hartten are also joining us to discuss fermentation not only in beer, but in yogurt, kombucha, and cheese. Hear about some of the health benefits of eating and drinking fermented products. Candice Santaferraro calls in from Frog's Leap Farm and Winery to discuss some of the homemade mead that she's been fermenting. Finally, Jimmy and the rest talk about cult beers, and whether they're really worth the hunt. This episode has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.

"It's also interesting because acidity plays such a role [in sour beer], and of course in wine acidity plays a role. It sets it up for some nice pairings that are reminiscent of what wine can do." -- Jen Schwertman on Beer Sessions Radio

"Beers were all originally made with wild yeasts that eventually became cultured." -- Claudia Keel on Beer Sessions Radio

"We've lost so much of our notion of what fermentation does to our guts and how it's really health beneficial." -- Claire Hartten on Beer Sessions Radio