Meet Chef Dale Talde, a first generation Filipino American who made a splash on Top Chef All Stars and is the chef/owner at TALDE, Pork Slope and Thistle Hill Tavern. Chef Talde has been named Food & Wine's 2013 People's Best New Chef for New York City, and is one of the most talked about chefs in the industry right now. On this week's episode of Chef's Story, hear about his rise to stardom from cooking pancakes as a kid to cooking at an Outback Steakhouse in Chicago and messing up chicken entrees horribly. From cultural identity to multi-tasking in the kitchen - get some serious insight from a world-class culinary talent. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"You have to work on the things you're not good at." [15:00]

"Cooking is like the stock exchange - you multitask, hear something being barked in your ear, continue to work and remember what was yelled in your ear - it's a skill set school never fully teaches you." [22:00]

"If you don't empower your staff to be creative - you're doing a disservice to them. That's what spurs them and makes them better chefs." [45:00]

--Chef Dale Talde on Chef's Story