Cathy Erway is talking movement in Miami with Saucy's Kristen Taylor! Tune into this episode to hear Kristen Taylor talk about her indie food publication, and why she decided to enter the world of print in the digital age. Hear about Kristen's time in South Florida, and how the chaos of the area inspires so much great food and agriculture. How does the notion of seasonal eating differ in tropical climates? Later, hear what other small publishers inspire Kristen's work. Find out about past issues of Saucy, and hear a few of Kristen's food photography tips! Thanks to our sponsor, Consider Bardwell. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.

"South Florida is lawless; they do their own thing. But because it's tropical, people grow all of these strange fruits and melons that I didn't associate with the United States. Because it's so lawless, people are growing all of these heirloom varieties to see if they'll grow, and they do!" [5:00]

"Food let's us talk about everything." [8:10]

-- Kristen Taylor on Eat Your Words