The show's called Flash Talks Cash, and that's just what JoAnn "Flash" Fleming is doing today. Along with Andrew Newman, JoAnn tackles a multitude of topics related to money on this week's installment. What's the worth of an Olympic gold medal, and is it actually made of gold? Tune in to find out what the richest people in America are driving; it may surprise you! Tune in to learn more about local alternative currencies, and hear what surprising professions earn high salaries. This episode has been brought to you by TriState Merchant Services, Inc.



"For the gymnasts and swimmers, a gold medal means endorsements. It really is a great reward financially to win a gold medal."

"The reason why a lot of small towns use alternative currencies is to keep the money local- so the money doesn't go out to big box stores and supports the local economy."

-- JoAnn "Flash" Fleming on Flash Talks Cash