Today on Let's Eat In, Cathy Erway is joined on the phone by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton of The Canal House. The Canal House releases seasonal publications three times a year, and they recently published a cookbook entitled Canal House Cooks Everyday. Today, Cathy, Christopher, and Melissa are talking about Thanksgiving dinner! Hear about some of the dishes that Christopher and Melissa are cooking for their own Thanksgiving dinner tables. Hear why The Canal House recommends a dry salt brine for your turkey as opposed to a traditional wet brine. Christopher and Melissa discuss some of their favorite late-fall greens, and their passion for seasonal ingredients. If you're interested in a decadent date, have Christopher and Melissa take you out for oysters, champagne, and foie gras! This episode has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch


"One of the lovely things about brining is that because the salt holds more moisture. So it's not only flavoring the meat, but it's making the meat more moist and juicy." [9:50]

-- Melissa Hamilton on Let's Eat In