Ever wonder where the word "locavore" comes from? On this week's episode of Meet Your Maker hosted by Rachel Wharton, hear from the women who coined the term, Jessica Prentice, professional chef, author, and founding member of Three Stone Hearth, a Community Supported Kitchen in Berkeley, California. Jessica recounts her early experiences in San Francisco at Ferry Plaza Farmers Market around the time people were just starting to re-imagine a local food system and explains how far we've come as a nation when it comes to the sourcing of our food and the understanding of seasonality. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.



"One of my big frustrations when I was at the farmers markets were people coming up to us in December and saying 'where are the blueberries?' "

"I've always had a slight obsession with words and etymology so I wrote every possible Greek and Latin root for 'eat' and 'local'. That's when I put together locavore."

--chef and author Jessica Prentice on Meet Your Maker