This week on Pizza Party, host Talia Ralph is ringing in October in style! National Pizza Month is being celebrated in this episode with two guests that have a positive pizza presence on the web. The first guest joins the show via phone, Mike Neilson. Mike is the founder of the popular blog, Used to Be a Pizza Hut, where, as you can guess, is a documentation of the past dwellings of Pizza Huts. Some of them have managed to be repurposed, while others remain abandoned. Talia also welcomes pizza expert, Phil Ceconi, in studio to talk about his Tumblr and Instagram persona, Pizza Clan. Tune in to get acclimated to pizza and its personalities across the interwebs! This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

"I think everyone is trying to capitalize on the hipness of pizza." [26:15]

--Phil Ceconi on Pizza Party

"Pizza is the ultimate casual food." [30:00]

--Mike Neilson on Pizza Party