We're continuing our exploration into the Maine lobster industry on this week's edition of The Farm Report. Erin Fairbanks chats with Robin Alden, the Executive Director of Penobscot East Resource Center, about the importance of diversity in the fishing business. Find out how climate change is affecting the oceans and the Maine lobstering business. Learn more about hatcheries, and why Maine fisheries are committed to sustainability. Later, Erin calls Chad Dorr of Dorr Lobster to talk about his family's history in lobstering. Find out why different purveyors choose to work with certain fisherman, and how lobster prices fluctuate. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods. Thanks to Idgy Dean for today's music.

"The thing that harvesting a wild food is that you can try to be sustainable in your own practices, but you are at the mercy of what the ecosystem provides." [4:15]

-- Robin Alden on The Farm Report