World-renowned NYC chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern and Untitled joins Cathy Erway on today's episode of Eat Your Words for a spirited conversation about healthy home cooking, family, portion sizes, vegetables and the joy of food. His latest book, V Is for Vegetables, celebrates the act of cooking vegetables he loves with recipes designed for the home cook.
"The aim of the book is to make real dishes that will make people excited to be in their own kitchens." [04:00]
"I'm always thinking about how, as a parent, I'm introducing foods to my kids that are healthy and nutritious." [10:00]
"If we really examine the American meal in a different portion, envision it in a bowl instead of a plate, talk about the role of beans, legumes, rice play in conjunction with other vegetables - all of a sudden these meals aren't more expensive than it would take to go purchase commodity foods." [25:00]