Chick-fil-A opens in NYC, Nestle goes 'au naturale,' and beard yeast! The Morning After hosts, Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin, welcome the crew from Wassail, Ben Sandler (co-owner) and Dan Pucci (cider director), to the studio.  Over the centuries the word Wassail has been in existence and has meant many things: A salutation (good health). A noun (the drink). A verb (to sing). Now it also means a cider bar and restaurant on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side! Talking the pressure of opening the first bar of its kind in the city as well as focusing on a well paired menu, Ben and Dan share their thoughts behind the vegetarian menu as well as the variances between ciders sourced from around the world.  Will their vast knowledge of cider help them out on The Morning After Quiz? Is Jessie Kiefer the next big thing to hit the rap scene? Tune in to find out!


"We truly believe that vegetables have so much versatility, along with grains and dairy, to make incredibly rich and satisfying, layered and complex dishes that can be so varied and so much more interesting than meat dishes." [16:00]

"How can we make a veggie burger considering the fact that most veggie burgers suck?" [24:00]

--Ben Sandler on The Morning After