Fall’s arrival is accompanied by colorful leaves and cool weather, as well as a new season of food podcasts here at HRN. This episode of Meat and Three is jam-packed with sneak peeks into our newest series. We’ll journey across the U.S. and around the world with chefs, entrepreneurs, and a former state senator. Each show is dedicated to giving us a taste of a unique and rich corner in the world of food. 

The first destination for exploration is the Midwest where we’ll learn about what has influenced the cuisine there with Eat Your Heartland Out. We’ll travel south to investigate the origins of soul food in Soul by Todd Richards. After, we’ll discover the intricacies of agave spirit production by crossing our southern border into México with Agave Road Trip. Journeying across continents, lastly, we consider the importance of African representation in food media on Item 13. Put on your traveling gear, because this episode is quite the ride! 

Further Listening and Reading:

Eat Your Heartland Out: This episode featured “Episode 9: Asian Influences on Midwestern Foodways.” Subscribe to Eat Your Heartland Out wherever you get your podcasts (Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | RSS). 

Item 13: An African Food Podcast: This episode featured “Episode 31: Beyond Jollof Rice - Food Media & Representation with Vonnie Williams.” and “Episode 33: The Black Food Experience with Eden Hagos.” Subscribe to Item 13 wherever you get your podcasts (Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | RSS). 

To learn more about Item 13 host, Yorm Ackuaku and her emergence into the food and podcasting scene, read her feature in Food & Wine written by Vonnie Williams here.

Agave Road Trip: Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts (Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | RSS). 

Soul by Todd Richards: Will start airing on Tuesday, October 20th. Subscribe now to get the episodes as they launch! (Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS). 

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