This week on After the Jump, Grace Bonney is joined in the studio by blogger, homesteader, and author Ashley English. Ashley lives on eleven acres just outside of Asheville, North Carolina where she keeps bees, raises chickens, and tends to her garden. Hear how Ashley started homesteading, and her opinions regarding the "hipsterfication" of the DIY movement. Why has there been such a resurgence in interest in old-fashioned tactile skills? Tune in to hear how Ashley has made time to write The Homemade Living Series, and raise a child! Hear Ashley and Grace talk about a few small steps that everyone can take in order to live a greener life, and why homesteading is not just another trend. What green practices can be seen in the design world? Find out this and more on this week's installment of After the Jump! This program has been brought to you by Clarkson Potter Publishers.


"I think if you give people the opportunity, information, and resources and use an open and friendly approach, people tend to move toward that approach [green living]." 5:15

"Food is the great democratic unifier. It crosses all divides - race, gender, socioeconomic, and political status." 9:43

-- Ashley English on After the Jump