This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone and Dave Brodrick of Blind Tiger sit down with a bunch of awesome beer guests. Christian DeBennedetti, author of the book The Great American Ale Trail and editor-in-chief of the Weekly Pint discusses some of his favorite brews and his love of "beer traveling". Justin Israelson from Sycamore joins Jimmy to talk about his unique flower shop/beer heaven, Sycamore. Also in the studio are Danielle Cefaro and Benjamin Stutz of Brooklyn Homebrew. Tune in to hear about their homebrewing roots in their apartment, and the upcoming Brooklyn Wort beer festival. This program was sponsored by


"We're covering everything in beer culture...from homebrew culture on up to craft beer and all its iterations. It's an incredibly diverse world- it's beer travels and beer dinners." --Christian DeBennedetti on Beer Sessions Radio