This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is joined by guest co-host Ed Berestecki of Mugs Alehouse to talk about the evolution of beer bars in New York City. Heather McReynolds, brewer at Sixpoint Craft Ales, joins Jimmy and Ed to talk about her beginnings in beer, and why women are getting involved with the craft beer scene. What's it like being a woman brewer in a male-dominated field? Later, Brandon Chamberlin and Matthew Ricke of The Exley in Williamsburg talk about opening a bar, and where they stand a year later. Hear Ed talk with Brandon and Matthew about the difficulties with opening a bar, and why so many bar owners have second jobs during their first few years. Heather shares a bunch of Sixpoint brews, and Ed digs into the vault and brings several vintage beers into the HRN studios! Thanks to our sponsor, Music has been provided by Sleepies.

"You can learn how to make beer, but you get really good at it when you learn the science behind. There's a lot of science and math that most people don't ever think about." [5:15]

-- Heather McReynolds on Beer Sessions Radio