Jimmy Carbone is talking beer writing on this week's edition of Beer Sessions Radio! This week, Jimmy's sidekick is Jimmy Ludwig from The Happy Hour Guys; tune in to hear about some of The Happy Hour Guys' recent travels, and some of Jimmy's favorite food and beer pairings. Tony Forder of the Ale Street News stops by to talk about his recent European beer tour. John Holl drops by to talk about his new book, The American Craft Beer Cookbook, and the recipes he's collected from some of the country's best beer bars and restaurants. Why are so many people introduced to the craft beer movement through food? Later, Wendy Littlefield calls in to talk about the upcoming Coast to Coast Toast, and how the nationwide event hopes to promote craft beer and quality food. Tune in to hear Anne Likes Beer talk about the growth of craft beer, and why it needs to stay authentic. This program has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com. Music has been provided by Pamela Royal.


"Talking with people about how beer can mimic food can help draw them out of their shells." [8:50]

"It's fun to find commonalities in beers that would go well with food!" [13:15]

-- John Holl on Beer Sessions Radio