On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we find comfort in sourdough pancakes and pie with Ron Silver of Bubby’s, a quintessential American restaurant in Tribeca, NYC. An artist in his own, Silver began his business in 1990, with 10K and 2 days of planning. Over the past 25 years, he’s kept true to the Bubby’s ethos, and found inspiration from all walks of life. Silver used to bike past The Met en route to work in the Meat Packing district, and one day serendipitously stopped at The Met, where tribal art from Papua New Guinea and self portraits from Austrian Egon Schiele spoke to him, as did James Beard, assembling a sounding board of influences that directed him on how to best serve society. Silver’s latest adventure has been in the world of weed edibles, where his business Relevant Innovations, focuses on THC infused sweeteners, that taste better than a spoonful of sugar, and provide the comforts of what America should stand for.

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