This week on Chef’s Story, we get the chance to hear from Amanda Cohen, the young talented chef/owner behind Dirt Candy, the breakout “vegetable restaurant” that was recently awarded 2 stars in the New York Times. Amanda grew up in Ontario, and through travel and experimentation she found her way to cooking school in New York. She fell in love with camaraderie in the kitchen and never looked back – eventually taking a huge leap of faith and opening a tiny East Village restaurant to bring her vision of modern vegetable-focused cooking to life. Hear what makes Dirt Candy stand apart from other “vegetarian” restaurants that are focused on lifestyle instead of ingredients. Find out how clever dishes like Portobello Mousse emulate the flavor and texture of foie gras, and how the Dirt Candy menu hardly feels vegetarian. Amanda’s vision is a unique one – and listeners are sure to fall in love with her on Chef’s Story. This program was sponsored by 360 Cookware.


“Surprisingly for somebody who loves vegetables, I’m not a farm girl” [05:02]

“I think you see a lot kinder kitchens now where people want others to learn and they are more willing to share, but when I started it was every man for himself.” [15:50]

“You get to a point where you want to do your own thing.. I had a voice I wanted to share what I loved doing and what food could be and I wasn’t going to be able to do it in any other kitchen.” [21:15]

“Vegetarian restaurants have very little to do with vegetables. They tend to be more dedicated to the lifestyle of vegetarianism as opposed to really promoting vegetables.” [22:08]

–Amanda Cohen, chef/owner of Dirt Candy on Chef’s Story