On this episode of Flash Talks Cash, JoAnn "Flash" Fleming and Andrew Newman are joined by Steve Nutt, a potter and art educator based out of Staten Island. Today, the topic is growing businesses. At what point should a small business expand and hire its first employees? Tune in to hear discussions about working with employees' strengths and weaknesses, and how hiring can potentially be detrimental to your business. JoAnn answers and email question about the federal and state benefits of hiring an employer versus a freelancer or contractor. The discussion then turns toward the topic of interns and the ethics of internship programs. Should Steve hire his first employee for his new arts education undertaking? This program has been brought to you by TriState Merchant Services.



"What you learn when you go through the process of understanding art and understand how art is made, you really learn a problem-solving that you don't get with mathematics..." -- Steve Nutt on Flash Talks Cash