Mary Izett and Chris Cuzme are recapping Cider Week with Joy Doumis and Jeremy Hammond of Proper Cider! Joy and Jeremy have been making cider in their home for years since their first experiment using apples from the Prospect Park Greenmarket! Tune into this episode to hear how cider-making differs from making beer or wine. Find out why yeast can be so unpredictable when used with different apple varieties. What constitutes "proper cider"? Tune in to learn why Joy and Jeremy spend so much time blending varieties of apples, and what qualifications are necessary for single-variety ciders. What varieties do Joy and Jeremy prefer to use? Tune in to find out on this week's episode of Fuhmentaboudit! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market.


"We are just now figuring out what our 'thing' is, and it comes back to blending... Whatever happens during fermentation- we embrace it!" [6:30]

"When brewing on a small-scale, a small problem can ruin everything." [9:10]

-- Jeremy Hammond on Fuhmentaboudit!

"I look for interesting flavors, and that also comes from playing around with different yeasts." [17:10]

-- Joy Doumis on Fuhmentaboudit!