This week on Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor runs through the food headlines with Robert Newton of Seersucker. Hear their thoughts on Sean Brock, Hugh Acheson and Wendell Pierce's grocery store. Robert also discuss his culinary journey and his accomplishments in the field of southern cuisine. Later on, Nicole welcomes Jane Lerner & Meg Paska of BK Swappers, who tell listeners about their bimonthly Brooklyn-based larder swap and social gathering. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.



"I'm really into the vegetarian dishes I work on. We're getting green peanuts from North Carolina and braising them and making a puree of it. It almost comes across like hummus. The cool by-product ts that it's completely vegan."

"I grew up with food, we had a garden every summer. My dad had a subsistence farm with his own hogs. We hunted for squirrels, had catfish and all that jazz. I went to college, but never saw myself doing the suit and tie thing."

"The path for a chef when you begin cooking is to get as far away from what you know as possible. Then, over the span of your career, your come back to what's inherent to you."

--Robert Newton of Seersucker on Hot Grease