Fried chicken, waffles, and Persian desserts - what a way to celebrate summer! This week on Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor is joined in the studio by Jon Seymour, co-owner of Williamsburg's Sweet Chick. Tune into this episode to hear Nicole and John talk about the origins of chicken and waffles. Is it a Southern dish, or a New York tradition? Learn about some of the vegetarian options on Sweet Chick's menu, and hear John talk about growing up in Yorkville and the life of a native New Yorker. Later, Louisa Shafia stops by to talk about some of the desserts in her book The New Persian Kitchen. How do Iranians use ingredients like sorbet, dried limes, and saffron in their desserts? You don't want to miss this week's edition of Hot Grease! This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.

"Roscoe's definitely made chicken and waffles famous. They brought it into pop culture. But what we're trying to do at Sweet Chick is make the best chicken and waffles." [6:40]

-- John Seymour on Hot Grease

"One of the things that I use all of the time are these dried limes... they give whatever you're cooking a super bittersweet lime taste because you have the rind and the flesh in there." [22:50]

-- Louisa Shafia on Hot Grease