Nicole Taylor is soaking up the summer with some more ice cream and a little bit of booze. On this week's episode of Hot Grease, Nicole invites Crista Freeman of Phin & Phebes Ice Cream into the studio to talk about her ice cream memories, growing up in Florida, and how Phin & Phebes blends their flavors. Does Crista come from an ice cream-making background? Eric Prum from Mason Shaker is back, and this time he brings along his partner, Josh Williams! Hear about Mason Shaker's newest cocktail list project! Hear how Mason Shaker has been making bar products using products like leather and canvas. Finally, the whole cast samples some of Phin & Phebes selections! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.


"Most of the flavors are inspired by things that we eat." [9:05]

"People are taking a step back and wanting to make a premium ice cream and experiment with it." [11:00]

-- Crista Freeman on Hot Grease

"Neither Eric nor I are bartenders; we just love making cocktails and making them for friends." [20:00]

-- Josh Williams on Hot Grease