On this week's episode of Let's Eat In, Cathy Erway is talking hot sauce and spicy food with Jon Meyer of I 8 NY Food and Matt Timms of The Takedown food competitions. Matt calls in to talk about some of his favorite hot sauces, what ingredients are key to a good sauce, and why he prefers a sauce that brings the heat to one that is flavorful. Jon Meyer talks about some of his favorite spicy foods including Sichuan cuisine and Japanese, why acidity and salt are essential to good food, and why Tabasco sauce is so special. Did you know that Tabasco is barrel-aged before it hits the shelves? As always, Cathy asks Matt and Jon about their ideal date meals, but this week has a spicy twist! This episode was brought to you by Whole Foods.


"People in New York seem to lay off the heat!" -- Matt Timms on Let's Eat In

"I love wasabi. Sometimes I go out and get really terrible sushi just so I can eat wasabi." -- Jon Meyer on Let's Eat In