Dieticians are in bed with Foodiness, Incorporated! Erica Wides is once again joined in the studio by nutrition expert Kristin Wartman to talk about her recent article in Civil Eats about big food's influence on The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Hear how companies like Coca-Cola and General Mills fund nutrition studies on sugar and processed food. Doesn't that just seem like a conflict of interest? Kristin spoke with a dietician employed by Sodexo off the record; hear how a food professional deals with the contradictions of health and foodiness? Later, Erica challenges Kristin to a game of foodiness truth-or-dare! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods.



"People whose jobs it is to look out for people's health are...for sale?" [7:00] -- Erica Wides on Let's Get Real

"There's nothing whole about whole grain cereal. It's highly processed!" [11:20] -- Kristin Wartman on Let's Get Real