How can affordable and healthy food become synonymous with the Rockaways? Tune into this special recording to hear HRN's Leah Eden talk with Cassandra Flechsig of Karp Resources about her recent work in Rockaway, Queens. Cassandra met with community members from the Rockaways to talk about their needs in terms of food sovereignty. Learn how the infrequency of supermarkets with fresh produce and healthy prepared foods leads many residents to rely on fast food. Later, Ed Shaw, a lifelong Rockaway resident, calls in to air his grievances concerning the state of health in his community. Learn how poor eating habits cause diseases like diabetes and hypertension, and why these illnesses are all too common on the Rockaway Peninsula. This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center. Music by Tom Cruz.

"The number one change that people wanted to see in the community was the addition of more supermarkets... They want more variety of food, and fresher food." [4:20]

"They felt their community was not considered specifically because it's mostly black and Latino, they're low income generally, and because they live in housing projects." [7:40]

-- Cassandra Felchsig of Karp Resources