Sunny Jain is the band leader of Red Baraat, a party-music ensemble influenced by hip hop, jazz, bhangra, and baraat. Nathaniel Coburn invites Sunny into the studio to talk about his Indian-American upbringing, and how Jainism affects his diet and philosophy. Learn more about Red Baraat; what type of traditional instrumentation does the band implement? How do the ideas surrounding pluralism change the way that Sunny composes? Catch Red Baraat at The Great Googa Mooga on May 18th on the Joe's Pub Stage! This program has been brought to you by BluePrint.

"Jainism is not just about non-violence in terms of people, but also in terms of food. It's about what you eat- not eating any animal products." [11:35]

-- Sunny Jain, Red Baraat