Erin Fairbanks is back for another episode of The Farm Report! On this week's installment, Erin is talking with Sandor Katz, author of the new book The Art of Fermentation. Fermentation is happening all around us: in our food products and in the life cycle! Tune in to hear Erin and Sandor talk about the differences between anaerobic and aerobic composting systems. Sandor also addresses 'the war on bacteria' and the fears that come with fermenting foods at home, stating that there has never been a reported case of food poisoning from fermented vegetables. Hear about a study that shows no health benefit difference between traditional yogurt and its specialized brand name "pro biotic" counterparts. Did you know that fermented urine is a good fertilizer and household cleaner? Learn how fermentation creates a more stable, value-added product. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"Fermentation is absolutely essential to agriculture, and even the bigger picture than agriculture- if we're thinking about the cycles of life and death- is the cycle of life, death, and fermentation."

"Because of the flexibility of bacterial genetics, a single strain will never be as powerfully beneficial to us as eating a variety of different kinds of foods that have their own indigenous bacterial populations." -- Sandor Katz on The Farm Report