Jessie Kiefer is sans Sari Kamin on this week's edition of The Morning After, but instead is joined by her team of publicity groomers. Tune in for a rousing underage drinking edition of "Front of House" before Jessie jumps into raw diets with Brad Gruno of Brad's Raw Foods. Hear why Brad decided to try an all-raw diet several years ago, and how it changed his health and life forever. Why do so many Americans fear raw food preparation? Tune in to hear about Brad's new book, Brad's Raw Made Easy, and how you can eat raw at home with ease! Later, Jessie and the crew talk about sommeliers, and how to convince clients that you are a wine expert with an easy 10-step list! Thanks to our sponsor, BluePrint Cleanse. Music by Sleepies.



"I kept hearing other people's accounts of their raw food diet experiences... Eating more raw food- food that's living with living enzymes- everything started to make more sense after a while." [15:50]

"As Americans, we don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. We somehow got away from all of that." [19:15]

-- Brad Gruno on The Morning After