On this week's episode of U Look Hungry, Helen Hollyman sits down with Bradford Still and Collin Crocket of Fresh Till Death Nut Milks and Red Lantern in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Tune in to hear how Collin's raw diet inspired him and Bradford to start making raw nut milks. Hear about their cafe, Red Lantern, that features Fresh Till Death milks, a bike repair shop, and beer. Learn about all of Fresh Till Death's flavors, and the processes they use to make nut milk. Hear Bradford and Collin compare the Phoenix food scene to New York, and learn why store-bought nut milks are not necessarily healthy. Today's episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.


"Even people who don't have a problem with dairy really enjoy the flavor. To get an iced coffee with hazelnut milk is unique and not something that you can get at every cafe... It's a very surprisingly satisfying substitution." [10:21] -- Bradford Still on U Look Hungry

"People are having a hard time drinking what they want to drink. People are drinking store-bought almond milk that has tons of preservatives and refined sugars and they think they're doing something good for themselves." [25:40] -- Collin Crockett on U Look Hungry