On this week's Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone and company are talking about the future of New York State beer, and legislation surrounding beer. Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery's brewmaster, is in the studio along with Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales. Also, Dave Katleski and Olivia Cerio from Empire Brewing are in the house, along with Jen Schwertman of Blind Tiger. First, Jimmy asks Garrett and Brian about their beer collaborations and where they draw their inspiration. Later, Dave, who is also the President of the New York State Brewer's Association, talks about some legislation that will hopefully improve the market for New York beer within the state and beyond. Topics include the excise tax, the Shelton Bros. lawsuit, and brand label registration fees. Finally, tune in to hear about hop and barley production within New York State. This episode has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.

"I started looking at a brewery as a studio because I was using [recording] studios all over the world to make remixes and original productions. That's just a bunch of gadgets and synthesizers, and the brewery is a bunch of stainless steel and equipment, as well." -- Brian Strumke on Beer Sessions Radio

"As long as New York State is focused on local, and they certainly are, I think New York State beer is going to continue to thrive. As long as we continue making great award-winning beer, I think the future is bright." -- Dave Katleski on Beer Sessions Radio

"We have an opportunity to reconnect beer to the land in the mind of the public. Things that have always been true will simply be apparent to everyone: beer is grown, and does not just come out of a factory made by machines." -- Garrett Oliver on Beer Sessions Radio