What is the overlap between brewing and distilling? We're here to find out on this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio. Our host Jimmy Carbone is joined once again by Jen Schwertman of Blind Tiger, and by a bunch of awesome booze guests. Michael Kinstlick of Coppersea Distillery is in the studio to talk about his recently licensed distillery, as well as the spirit-making process. Hear Michael talk about the progress of the craft spirit movement, and how he believes that home-distilling will one day no longer be associated with illegal moonshine. Matt Barclay and Justin Israelson from Sycamore Bar and Flowershop are also in the house to talk about some of their favorite craft spirits, as well as some of the artisanal liquors in their bar. Gregg Glaser briefly calls in to talk about some of his favorite brewery/distillery combinations, and the gang talks about some of their favorite craft beer from Green Flash, Captain Lawrence, and Firestone Walker! This episode has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.


"So if you're going to make any kind of grain-based distilled product - vodka, gin, whiskey - you have to make a beer first. So you make a fermented grain at about 5% alcohol, and that goes into your stills." -- Michael Kinstlick on Beer Sessions Radio

"Being a brewery and a distillery- once you start making all of these products, you get to start aging your beers. There's a lot more you can play around with." -- Justin Israelson on Beer Sessions Radio