Celebrity chef, restaurateur, immigrant and Catholic, Lidia Bastianich up first on cooking for Pope Francis during his visit to NYC. What does the Pope eat? How do you even decide what to serve him? LIVE in-studio, we'll welcome three-time James Beard Award winner chef Michael Anthony, at the helm at Gramercy Tavern and Untitled and Studio Cafe at the Whitney Museum. His new cookbook "V is for Vegetables" just came out, which he worked on while recovering from open-heart surgery. We’ll his career start in Japan, his generations-long obsession with garlic and cooking with his three daughters.

"He ate good, he ate deliciously but we watched for fats and calories!" [5:40]

"Can you imagine, the Pope came into the kitchen and we offered him espresso... and when he left he said, "Pray for me." It was very moving." [9:00]

--Lidia Bastianich on WORD OF MOUTH

"Depending on the vegetable, like a tomato, the key is not adding a liquid because you want to concentrate flavors and develop intensity through reduction." [25:00]

--Chef Michael Anthony on WORD OF MOUTH