Today on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold hopes to make your cooking life a beach. Nastassia Lopez calls in from the beautiful beaches of Rhode Island to talk with Dave about the new Booker and Dax Searzall. What does it sear? Everything! Learn more about the safety logistics of their new contraption throughout this installment! Dave talks with some callers about pH and pickling, as well as pizza steels and their ability to stand up to uneven heat. Is it safe to use gases from paintball canisters to carbonate beverages at home? Find out if it's possible to turn Dr. Pepper into a powder, and learn how to make a red velvet cake without using dyes or beets! Can you name five things that Nastassia actually likes? Hear the list on this week's Cooking Issues! This program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.


"For preservation, you need a vacuum- and the better the vacuum, the happier you're going to be." [41:00]

"Dehydrating things with sugar can be very difficult because the more you dehydrate things, the more that sugar wants to resist losing that last bit of water." [45:40]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues